Our COVID Code of Practice

Please adhere to the following to keep us all safe

Please do not attend if you or any of your household are suffering any of the recognised COVID-19 symptoms or if you have been advised to self-isolate by NHS track and trace.
Whilst queuing we will be asking you to confirm that you agree to these conditions and that you will follow our social distancing rules.

Whilst in the queue we will be asking you for your contact telephone number and email address for track and trace purposes.
We will store this for 21 days.

Please wear a face covering at all times when moving around the restaurant.

Please use the hand sanitiser we have placed at the various stations around the building.

Please ensure your group is made up of no more than 6 people from 1 household indoors and no more than 6 people from multiple households outdoors.

Please pay using card. If cash is handled by staff we have asked them to wash their hands immediately.

We will be keeping our doors and windows open as much so please bring an extra jumper.

When leaving please use the same door you used to enter, but please have consideration for each other and keep your distance.
Those leaving have right of way.


Our New System

Please queue along the front of the building and our host will ask you if you would like a takeaway or a table. If you require a takeaway, you will remain in the queue and use the front entrance one at a time. If you require a table, our host will take you through the side entrance and allocate you a table.

We have removed some tables and changed the layout to ensure all tables are at least 1 metre apart.

Your table will not be laid until you order your food. Condiments will be served from the kitchen.

We will have a heightened level of ongoing cleaning at all times, ensuring all hand contact surfaces are regularly sanitised.
All tables and chairs will be sanitised after every use.

New Toilet Etiquette

Only one person is allowed in the toilet area at a time. If you need to wait for a toilet to become available, please allow space for the previous user to exit. If someone is already waiting, please return to your table, and ask your waiter to keep an eye out for the toilet to become available.

No movement from your table is permitted, apart from going to the toilet.

After washing your hands when leaving the toilet, please pick up a paper towel to open the toilet door,
and dispose of this in the bin provided outside the toilet.


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