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On The Waters Edge

The incredible waterfront location is what first attracted us to the site. In all seasons, the views from the windows and even more so, from the waterfront deck, are really…

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Millenium Walk

One of the great advantages about the site is that the Millenium Walkway runs right past our front door! Locals and tourists alike follow this 3 kilometre route which meanders…

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View from the sea

We don’t want to keep harping on about it but we’re RIGHT on the water front. When you look at the map of the UK that thin coastline running all…

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Work Begins

Work has truly begun. It’s been a long process to say the least. As we are lucky enough to be in a Listed Building, every nail, screw and piece of…

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The master plan

  Starting a project from scratch is something completely new to us. At The Tenth Hole we were taking on a fully established and thriving business…here at The Canteen, we…

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Let there be light

Lighting inspiration can be found round every corner. Who knew?! Industrial & nautical, we are looking to flood our space with light. From searchlights, to eddison bulbs, what I don’t…

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